Going to Seed

It’s that time of year when the garden and flowerbeds look a bit rough, mostly because we are letting a lot of things go to seed. Which means we don’t pull the dead stuff and we let some things go instead of harvesting it, like a few of the carrots, lettuce and asparagus.

The asparagus beds are new but they did so well this year and are starting to fall over, which indicates they’ve reached full maturity for the season and are ready to spread their seed to help fill in the beds for next year.

The lettuce has given us a ton of salad and will hopefully give us a ton more next year once I collect the seeds growing on what’s left.

The giant sunflowers are packed full of seeds which I want to gather and use for next year. I was able to get a few of those cut last night and they are now hanging in the cool, dark root cellar we put under the basement stairs.

I’m not too worried about the smaller black oiled sunflowers since we have a ton of those seeds left and can buy them by the bag for cheap. I do plan on sowing them into the pasture area next year.

The pasture grasses had already went to seed before we mowed so hopefully most of them will come back again next year but I do want to add in some sunflowers as well as some wildflower seeds I’ll be saving once they die back and I can harvest them, as well.

I may try to save some of the early girl tomato seeds or take some cuttings to keep inside until next year but I’m not sure yet. I do like them, they grew really well, but we are thinking we might try a couple of different varieties next time.

One thing we’ll definitely be making more of soon are huskies, though.

One of our girls is in heat so that means we’ll be having a litter in nine or ten weeks. They should be born between Halloween and Thanksgiving and ready to adopt right around the time that the local dog sled races are going.

So perfect timing! 😊

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