The Birds & the Bees (& the Flowers & the Trees..)

It’s been such a beautiful morning outside today. When I first went out I wasn’t so sure, but the sky turned blue and the clouds became puffy white cotton balls. I came back in feeling quite energized as I always do after spending time in the garden barefoot, surrounded by the birds and the bees and all the lovely growing things.

Of course I don’t tell the hubs that I go out barefoot sometimes because he will scold me since that’s how I got stung a few years ago and nearly died, but I can’t help it! I hate shoes and it’s scientifically proven that going barefoot outside is good for you.

Well, unless you step on an angry hornet, like I did, I suppose. But what are the chances of that happening again? I went forty something years without it ever happening the first time so I figure my odds are pretty good.

I went through the garage and was greeted with happy noises coming from the quail hutch. Our last batch of babies are doing so well and we’ve got the incubator filled up again, ready to make some more.

As I emerged from the garage the new weeping willow caught my eye. It is getting HUGE!

I can’t wait to see how big it gets next year.

As I made my way to the back, I took a few pictures of the flowers which are still hanging in there, giving the pollinators lots of busy work.

The ducks were in a good mood and were being especially friendly, probably because I took the scrap bucket out with me to share and they instantly recognize it when they see me coming.

I picked some more lettuce and tomatoes and noticed we are finally getting some cucumbers growing on the vines which is a relief.

We still have plenty of time for them to ripen and I can’t wait to add them to the salads we’ve been enjoying almost daily.

My favorite thing out there has to be the sunflowers, though. They are just beautiful especially against the crisp, blue sky.

They are still growing and flowering and most have reached at least nine or ten feet tall now.

The pumpkins are getting bigger by the day, too.

I am especially looking forward to using these for baking pumpkin bread and making pumpkin pies this fall.

We saw some Royal Palm turkeys for sale locally and we’re debating getting one to fatten up for Thanksgiving while there’s still time.

I wasn’t crazy about the gamey flavor of the last turkeys we raised and I’m not sure if the Royal Palms would be any different, but it is worth a try I suppose. Especially now that we have the big pasture area for the birds to free range in. It really cuts down on our feed cost when combined with all the extras from the garden we’ve been able to share with them, too.

Less cost = more critters for the homestead! 🙂

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