A Splash of Beauty

It was one of those days when the little things caught my eye while I was doing my rounds today.

There’s so much obvious beauty out in the garden, like the little pond and the flowers…

…and then the not so obvious, like the bumblebees…

…and the young pheasant who are getting prettier by the day…

…as is the young male duck we’ve decided to keep to “service” the girlies…

And while the Wyandottes aren’t my favorite breed, they are admittedly beautiful to look at.

We were able to rehome most of that flock to the neighbors across the street, and we could probably find other homes for the rest of them if we decide not to put them in the soup pot.

I’m not sure, though. While they are lovely to look at, they are pretty darn tasty, too. 😏

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