Dog Days of Summer

I had to laugh when I looked outside the bedroom window first thing this morning and saw how much fun the pups were having splashing around in their mud-puddley pen.

We usually trade out some of the dogs who sleep in for a few who sleep out so the indoor ones can stretch their legs and the outdoor ones can come in and get cuddles, but I knew at a glance that that isn’t happening. The ones we keep in at night are mostly the alphas who can’t be left alone with the younger ones without supervision and I’m certainly not standing out there playing doggie yard duty today!

Our little farmstead looks lovely when it’s raining, though, and I am sure the garden is happy it’s raining again. I’m hoping it will help my flower girl to finish filling out. She is starting to get a ton of morning glories on her dress now!

Every day she is looking more and more like I had hoped she would and with a few weeks of summer still left, there’s still time for her bust to fill in (gosh, in any other context that would sound a bit creepy).

So I am trying to find things to do inside today. I could finish cleaning out the hall closet or organize the pantry in preparation for adding more of our garden goodies to it soon.


Instead I think I’ll spend some time in the craft room, which I recently rearranged, and get some work in there done.

I have a half dozen or so cross stitch works I’ve completed over the past couple of years that still need to be ironed and framed.

And I am still working on my heirloom bunny whose face is just not coming out the way I want it to, so I’ve got to spend some time getting that right or it will drive me mad and I’ll end up just throwing it to the pups to play with or something.

After all, they are sooooo boooooored!

I swear, they are just like toddlers. 😄

2 thoughts on “Dog Days of Summer

  1. Why can the alpha males not be left alone with the pups. Would they damage them? Kill them, maybe? Are they like lions who don’t want competition?

    On another note, I’ve got a sewing machine just like the one in your picture. It belonged to my grandmother and she got it for a 21st birthday present so it’s well over 100 years old. Glad to see yours still looks as though it’s working.


    1. Both alpha males and females are a bit rough when they are left alone with the younger ones. I don’t think they’d kill anyone but they will hurt them trying to assert their status in the pack. With 12 huskies, we have to be careful because pack mentality takes over otherwise.

      Re: the sewing machine, I believe it is a 1910ish model? I bought it from an estate sale several years ago. How neat that you have one that your grandmother owned and (I assume) used! That is very special.


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