Why Mushing?

We get a lot of attention when we take the truck out, partly because of the giant MUSH sticker on the back window but mostly because we usually take a few of the huskies with us wherever we go and they are definitely head turners.

And being huskies, they loooove the attention. They definitely do not get enough attention here (ha!).

Just about every time we go out someone will come up to us and want to chat about mushing which is great because we really enjoy sharing our passion for the sport with other people. We love to share stories of our adventures with the dogs and talk about how they are just as obsessed with sledding as we are.

Maybe even more so, since it’s in their DNA. They love going to the races and meeting other sled dogs….

And watching the races…

…they even love watching other dogs mushing on TV!

Invariably we get asked the same few questions wherever we go, like “what made you get into doing it?” and “do you race them?” and “how much does it cost to keep all those dogs?!”.

I always joke that we got into mushing because we needed an excuse to get more huskies! And while we don’t race them, we do enjoy recreational mushing and supporting the local dog sled races. We use our pack as a way to help educate the public about ethical mushing.

Often we get asked if we have puppies, which we sometimes do (breeding them helps pay for their keep), and taking the pack out to the local races especially gives us a chance to find the right homes for the pups we will later have up for adoption.

It’s important to us that people understand the breed before committing because as you probably know, huskies are tricky to keep as house pets. They have a reputation as escape artists who end up at the pound and we’ve rescued a few ourselves over the years because they just wanted to RUN.

In fact, half of our pack are rescues right now!

But in a way I like to think that they’ve rescued me, too. I don’t know what I’d do with out them in my life because, really, they are my life. 🙂

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