Forgotten Road Trip

I’m still sorting through the thousands of photos on my various devices, trying to whittle them down to *just* the best shots (in order to make room for new ones, of course!), when I came across these photos from a forgotten road trip we took a few years ago.

We usually drive over to Jackson, Wyoming and then up into the national parks but this time we hung a right onto highway 26 at Moran, just before you go into Grand Teton. We ended up driving several miles just admiring the “backside” of our regular stomping grounds and I got some really great pictures that I’d all but forgotten about.

My favorite has to be this one of the bend in the Snake river.

No surprise that I got more than a few of the fields full of buffalo since you can’t go far without seeing tons of those.

It was hard to pick the best ones out of the dozens I took that day but I managed to do it and deleted the rest. Like this one that is pretty but is rather blurry. Off to the recycle bin!

Of course now it’s taking up space on my blog account data storage, so that kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? 😆

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