Close Call

We had an escapee this morning but I’ll get to that in a minute. First, I have to show off how tall the corn is! It’s way above my head (which isn’t saying much since I’m rather short). It’s at least 5 1/2 feet tall now and just starting to get silk on most of the stalks.

We picked a great spot for it since it mostly blocks the view from the dog kennels to the poultry pens. I say mostly because there are still little areas where the pups can peek around to see what’s going on. They can’t see much, though, which is a good thing because if they only knew what I was up to, they’d get sooo jealous seeing me in the pasture with my new cuddly buddies.

Every day when I go out to collect eggs and feed everyone at least two or three of the buffs come up and want me to pet them, which is why I love this breed so much!

I was in the middle of giving them the attention they crave when the pups started to go bonkers. At first I thought they could see me, but that wasn’t it at all. Then I thought there was a gopher or maybe a snake judging by the fact that all twelve pairs of husky eyes were honing in on the same general area near the greenhouse with laser precision.

To my surprise, it was one of the ducklings who had apparently escaped as I was going in and out of the duck pen!

All I could think of was how lucky that little duckling was that I was still out there, because he or she may have made it all the way to the jaws of death (literally!).

Silly duck.

I felt a bit guilty of course so I kept it nearby as I weeded and watered and it seemed perfectly at ease hanging out with me, completely unaware that I had probably saved its little life. Of course eventually I’ll probably be eating it once it’s grown and ready for butchering, but for now it’s safely back in its pen where it belongs.

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