Made in the Shade

Since we can’t risk me having heat-induced anaphylaxis too far from home, we can’t go do our usual summer things like dry mushing or camping until this infernal heat wave breaks.

So in order to stave off cabin fever in July we’ve been trying to get out locally as much as we can which means doing things like going from the air conditioned car to the air conditioned mall or going to eat at air conditioned restaurants, which I can only do so much of.

Yesterday it was hot but there was a nice breeze so we went to the falls downtown. It’s peak tourist time so it was a bit crowded, but it was still nice to sit in the shade and enjoy the views.

My favorite place to go is across the bridge to the Japanese garden they put in a few years ago.

It’s just lovely!

The temperature drops as soon as you enter and the sound of running water is just so soothing to the soul. We meandered along, slowly, enjoying it for as long as we could.

In one area there are a few trees where lovers have carved their names over the years.

The hubby offered to add ours for posterity but I told him we are too old for that sort of thing! Plus, neither of us brought along a knife… 🙂

I pointed out there was already an M+M on one tree, which is our initials, so someone already did the work for us anyway.

It was a lot less crowded over there so we got to enjoy some peace and quiet for a good, long while. Until my mast cells began to rebel and I started to turn red, like a lobster. Sigh.

Then it was back in the air conditioned car and back to the air conditioned house again. I honestly don’t know how I’d survive without the AC.

Like, literally.


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