The Little Things

It really is the little things in life that can bring us the most joy, isn’t it?

For me that can mean simple things like waking up to find blue skies instead of smoke-filled air this morning when I went out to collect eggs and check on everything.

Or finding new baby tomatoes on the vine (and no new blossom end rot thankfully!) as well as little purple flowers on the beans which indicates they are ready to start producing.

Or finding the coffee made along with a few “gifts” from the garden left on the counter by my thoughtful hubby who has already been out to do the watering and feeding while I was still slumbering happily in our bed.

I think it is a hint that he wants me to make him some chicken tomato soup today. Or maybe he wants a fresh salad, but that will have to wait until the lettuce gets a little bit bigger.

Speaking of chickens, the cornish cross are getting HUGE and will be ready for processing soon. They’re almost twice the size of the buffs now. They are always hungry and have been going through feed like mad as well as gobbling up all the bugs they can catch out in the pasture and every green thing they can find. Including things within reach through the wire fencing.

We’re glad we planted the asparagus just a little bit out of reach for them!

Another little thing that made me happy this morning was seeing that the giant sunflowers next to the chicken coop are starting to flower, too, now.

It’s also nice to see that they aren’t being eaten up by the grasshoppers. Probably because the grasshoppers are being gobbled up by the hungry chickens now!

I think my favorite little thing this morning was seeing how well the new weeping willow out front is doing. It’s the one we planted to replace the mountain ash tree we had to pull awhile back.

There’s another just like it in the chicken pasture and it’s doing just as well, which makes me so happy.

Hopefully they will grow into big, beautiful trees and won’t be such little things someday… 🙂

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