Smokey Mountains

We may have to rename the Tetons if this smoke doesn’t clear soon!

It’s been like this for days now with no end in sight. It makes for beautiful sunsets but I always feel bad for the tourists who come and don’t get to see the beauty of the crisp outline of the mountains against crystal blue skies. I feel even worse for people like me who have difficulty breathing on good days, let alone on days like this!

After a few hits of my inhaler I did manage to make it outside this morning to take care of watering the veggies and did a bit of weeding in the front flowerbeds, too.

Although now that everything has grown in there aren’t many weeds to pull (yay me!).

The day lilies are taking over everything, though, so I’ll need to “weed” them out soon by splitting them up and transplanting them to other areas of the yard.

I really love them because they are super hardy and we have such a wide variety that they bloom throughout the season, instead of all coming up and dying at the same time.

We’ve done the same with the tulips and the irises; they are staggered to give us prolonged enjoyment.

When we can get out there to enjoy them, that is!

Between the heat and the smoke, we spend a lot of our time looking out the windows instead of sitting in the garden these days. Hoping that changes soon….

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