Growing Pains

I know I shouldn’t complain about my struggles here because some of you reading this are probably in triple digits and may even be battling far bigger issues than wilting gardens or degranulating mast cells.

The valley has been hazy for a couple of days now thanks to the smoke drifting all the way over from the coast again and I feel so badly for people whose lives are impacted by those fires so if you are one of them, you have my sincere condolences.

Still, this summer has just been awful for so many of us in the mastocytosis community (although we did manage to go to a super fun car show this last weekend which I’ll post about soon) and everyone in my support network agrees that it can’t end soon enough!

I’m not the only thing struggling with the heat here. I had to move my little coffee plant from the bay window because the leaves were starting to brown and it was just not happy. Which made me not happy.

I moved it to the kitchen and it’s thriving in there now, probably because it’s more humid next to the sink and the stove. These plants apparently loooove humidity (unlike me!).

It can’t stay there forever, though. I’m going to need to transplant it soon out of the clay pot and into something bigger that will hold the moisture at the roots better. I may need to get a small humidifier to put near it later, but for now I just keep it watered every day and spritz it with a mister on days when I’m not cooking (which is rare). There’s almost always something steaming away on the stove every day.

As for the outside garden, it’s been quite a challenge. The flowers in the shade are doing just fine but everything else is demanding extra care.

We’ve added a few inches of mulch to the garden beds and that seems to have helped, along with watering twice a day. Even the cucumbers and watermelons are making a comeback now, which is a relief. They definitely aren’t quite as big as the pumpkins yet, though.

The potatoes are doing amazing, both in the raised bed and the tower. The ones in the bed are flowering and will be ready to harvest soon – sooner than the tower will be because we planted them a few weeks apart.

My giant sunflowers are thriving and are almost as tall as I am now. They will be blooming any day. They are just a little bit taller than the corn which is also thriving, despite the heatwave.

The peas didn’t get as tall as we’d hoped but they are hanging in there and are filled with pods ready to be picked any day now.

The beans still have a ways to go to catch up but they’re doing good, too. The onions are definitely almost ready and are bursting out of the dirt now.

I may have time to plant some more carrots or radishes when I harvest the onions. With the weather we’re having it’s hard to tell if we’ll have an extended growing season or not.

With my luck it will go from 90F to 40F in a matter of days and stay there, though. I may have to set up an indoor grow room to save me the trouble of gardening in this stupid heat next time! 🙂

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