In My Dreams

It’s been so hot out that for the first time ever, I’ve actually been dreaming of snow lately!

In my dreams it’s a winter wonderland out there again and we’re all bundled up on the sled, mushing our team across a picture perfect, snowy landscape.

I’m pretty sure the pups are having the same dreams right about now. Sure, they have their misters and pool to play in, but they were made for this. They are, after all, Siberian huskies and mushing is in their DNA.

Just looking at these pictures makes me happy, knowing it won’t be long and winter will return. If there’s one thing I can count on, it’s the cold and snow coming back again. It always does!

Yep. I can almost feel the blast of icy air hitting my smiling face.


I feel SO much better when it’s cold out so I can hardly wait for the temperatures to drop and those first snow flakes to fall. I can’t wait to be back out there watching the dog sled races and cheering our favorite mushers on!!

Okay, time to wake up and get back to reality now. 🙂

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