First Fruits

Our 2021 garden is beginning to produce for us, which is always exciting. I picked the first Early Girl tomato this morning and will use it tonight in the hubby’s salad.

They are a bit on the small side, but that’s okay because there are plenty of them on the vine with more forming almost daily and we also have another tomato plant that is brimming with Romas which will be ready to pick soon.

We had a bit of a problem with blossom end rot but cured it quickly by adding some extra calcium to the soil. It only affected the Romas and not the Early Girls, so that was a relief. It’s a bit hard on me to see these delicious, mouth-watering tomatoes growing and knowing I can’t eat them without risking a severe allergic response, but at least someone will get to enjoy them!

The peas and beans (which I can have, thankfully!) are coming along nicely and we have several pea pods forming already…

The onions are doing incredibly well and are beginning to form bulbs…

Of course it’s still early in the season so it will be a while before we have corn, pumpkins or potatoes and I’m not sure we’re going to get any cucumbers or watermelons as they both seem to have stalled out. They haven’t died, they just stopped growing and no matter what we do nothing seems to help.

So those may be a total loss, we’ll see.

Even if they are, it’s okay. I have read accounts from several gardeners over in the Pacific Northwest and in California who have lost their gardens completely due to the heat so, in comparison, I feel pretty darn lucky.

Our heatwave here in SE Idaho is nothing like what they are going through but it is supposed to be in the 90s again today so I’m trying to be extra conscientious about keeping on top of watering and using shade cloth when necessary to keep our crops alive here.

It’s really the only time I welcome the wind here, to be honest. It makes the heat somewhat more bearable.

I made the mistake of staying out in it too long yesterday and boy am I paying for it today. My mast cells are in major rebellion from head to toe and down into my bones. So I’m hibernating indoor for a few days and only going out when I know it’s safe.

I don’t know why I tempt fate like that, I should know better by now!

Nature somehow always manages to win, doesn’t she? 🌞

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