Peas, Pumpkins & Pretty Things

We were planning on a weekend escape up to the lake this weekend but decided we’d better stay home and tackle a few projects that need tackling instead. The front pond is getting a new pump and a good cleaning, the dog kennels need new straw and the hoses all need some patching or replacing altogether.

The temperatures are going to be in the high 90’s or low 100’s this next week so we definitely want to get this stuff done while it’s not deathly hot out. Well, at least not for normal folks. I’m forced in when it hits about 78F thanks to my wonky mast cells, but that’s okay, there’s plenty of work to be done indoors while the hubs finishes up outside.

Like making my wasp killing traps. 😈

I just hope they won’t affect the bees or lovely butterflies that are visiting daily now.

I spent most of my outdoor time this morning weeding the front flowerbeds and marveling at the variety of things popping up, some of which have migrated far from where I originally planted them. Like these lovelies I found hiding under the pine tree.

I’m not sure how they got way over there, but they seem happy.

Speaking of happy, the onions and carrots are really taking off, especially the ones in the old tractor tire.

Everything else is doing pretty good, too. The peas and beans are slowly climbing their way up the new trellis.

The pumpkins had a bit of a rough time a couple of weeks ago when it was getting too cold overnight and had stalled out a bit, but they are finally taking off now that the temperatures are up.

There are 15 out of 18 seedlings we transplanted, so we lost a few, but it’s not too bad considering the climate here. The grass clippings helped save them when the nights got too chilly and kept the weeds from strangling them off, too.

Nearly all of the giant sunflowers have sprouted and are growing super fast. I planted them in various places to see how well they’ll do and so far the ones behind the corn and over by the kitchen herb garden are doing the best.

My morning glory girl is taking shape; the vines have almost reached the bottom of her dress.

I may have to move her into the shade this next week because of the heat, though.

Speaking of shade, the weeping willow we planted (in place of the poor mountain ash tree that we had to pull a few weeks ago because of the blight) is thriving.

I’m pretty excited about that because I love weeping willows and always wanted one so now we have one in the front and another in the back, in the chicken run. They grow pretty fast, too, so hopefully in a few years we’ll have big, beautiful shade trees in those two areas.

More shade is always a good thing, especially with these hot summers we’re getting! 🌞

2 thoughts on “Peas, Pumpkins & Pretty Things

  1. Des

    Hi Chelle! I can’t believe how much you sound like me! I chuckle when I read your posts. I feel like I’ve found a new friend:) Anyway, I was wondering if it’s grass clip- pings that are around your pumpkins or is it pine needles? Just curious since we have a lot of pine needles. thanks! Have a great day.


    1. Hi Des! Those are grass clippings we laid in pretty thickly for the overnight frosts we were getting just a few weeks ago. Now we may have to replace them with ice cubes. 🙂


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