I was out this morning doing some weeding when I began to notice something I’d never really noticed before: we have a lot of imposters in the garden!

Like these wild morning glories that grow like weeds.

They technically are weeds but I have to make myself kill them because they are just sooo pretty. The problem is, they are too prolific and invasive. They will choke out everything nearby, including my domesticated morning glories.

I almost yanked out a patch of these lovely not-a-weed, white flowers (which I’ve long forgotten the name of) this morning while trying to kill some of the wild morning glories (oops!).

They had almost completely overtaken them and I’d forgotten I’d even planted them there a few years ago!

They aren’t the only imposters we have here, though. What I thought were giant dandelions popping up all over turned out to be something entirely different.

It’s called a Salsify and they are quite pretty, but again, while I don’t mind them growing in the field behind us, their seedlings get blown into the yard and threaten to take over the flower and veggie beds.

So they have to die, too.

I also noticed that so many of the weeds I pull around the veggies seem to mimic the potatoes, carrots, asparagus, corn and even the pumpkins. It’s really fascinating how nature works and as a gardener you have to be constantly on guard against these imposters.

You could say you have to become a guardner. 🙂

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