Happy Trails

I can honestly say that f I die today I will die happy having lived a good portion of my life as a witness to the majesty of the nature that surrounds us here in Idaho.

The Tetons are breathtaking but the forests, lakes and rivers surrounding them are equally as beautiful and we love spending as much time in them as possible.

Now that camping season is upon we are all geared up and ready to go, go, go! Our RV is fully self contained which means we don’t have to have hookups so we can make camp just about anywhere.

It’s a toy hauler so our little summer mushing buggy fits inside and there’s room behind it to tow along the dog trailer which has plenty of cozy boxes for the pups to sleep in. They love to go camping as much as we do!

The only question is where to go? There’s just so many directions we can head here. In fact, we can drive in any direction and be somewhere like this.

Will we drive over to our favorite local spot to sit on the beach with our fishing poles after we’re pooped out from running the trails all day?

Or will we head down an untraveled road this time and find a new favorite place to add to our list?

Decisions… 🙂

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