Off to a Great Start

I am almost officially done with re-potting flowers, planting seeds and transplanting seedlings in the flower and garden beds this season so soon it will be time to sit back in the shade, sip some tea and wait for my hard work to pay off.

In between watering, weeding, pruning and fertilizing, that is!

I really can’t complain as I have the easy jobs around here. My handsome, handy hubby does all the heavy lifting and hard labor, bless his heart. Like transplanting all those irises we bought last week.

He’ll also have to dig the hole for the wisteria that is supposed to arrive today (yay!), too. I can’t physically do that especially since there are oh-so-many rocks in the ground here. He doesn’t mind. It works well for us and we compliment each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

In other words, he is strong and I am weak! 🙂

He’s also a total sweetheart because after he transplanted the irises he clipped and brought me all of the blooms so I could put them in a vase and they are just lovely, especially the deep purple one that looked black before it finally opened.

I can’t wait for next year to see if any of them flower. If not, then they definitely should the following year. I planted a lot of daisies, black eyed susans, coneflowers and lupine seeds today around all the irises so when they die back in early summer those will fill in and bloom until fall.


Most everything else is just about to bloom now, like the hostas, daylilies and daisies we planted over the last several years. The butterflies and hummingbirds will be loving to visit soon, and should be right outside the front door so I can hopefully get some good pictures of them.

And before long they should be all over the new beds, too, especially now that I’m done planting my perennial seeds in them. I’ll need the hubby to do the mulching since he’s the muscle around here.

I also planted a patch of blue columbines from seed under the viburnum bush we trimmed up so they’ll have a nice, shady spot to grow.


Last week I tossed a ton of black oil sunflower seeds in the area near the giant sunflowers, next to the chicken coop, so hopefully they’ll sprout soon and we’ll have a nice patch there this summer, too. And today I added some of the perennial seeds I just mentioned to that area as well.

So, fingers crossed!

The morning glories are filling out nicely.

So are the potatoes in the raised bed.

Not just the free ones that popped up unexpectedly, either. All of the ones I planted in there have sprouted now so between those and the potato tower we should get a nice crop this year.

The onions are also doing quite well and seem happy in the big tire and especially in with the tomatoes.

The beans and peas and nasturtium are thriving in the new trellis-arch beds.

We are very happy with the corn…

And all of the asparagus has already sprouted except for one, which we’ll probably replace with a new one if they still have them at the nursery.

The watermelon, cantaloupe and pumpkins are coming along and so are the carrots. I planted lettuce seeds along one raised bed and now I’m waiting for it to sprout. The cucumbers are starting to pop up. Almost all of the giant sunflowers have sprouted now, too.

All in all, it’s a great start to this growing season. 🌞

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