They All Grow Up So Fast…

It seems like yesterday that Sassy was a baby, learning how to dig holes and winning at tug-of-war with her litter mates but she’s all grown up now and about to become a mother herself in a few weeks.

We are pretty excited, of course, because she is so much like her own mom so we’re sure she will make a great mother, too. Also because we love having babies of all kinds here at our homestead and there’s nothing cuter than husky puppies!

We’ve been involved in recreational mushing with our team of sled dogs for several years now and we’ve gotten quite a few people into the sport, which is great (for both humans and pups!). The youngest in our pack, Coda, is turning a year old soon and she’s the last puppy for us to keep ourselves so it’s a little bittersweet to watch her grow up, too.

Coda and Sassy aren’t the only ones getting big around here, though. Our buff orpington chicks have grown a ton already and are getting their first feathers now.

They’ll be ready to be put in their outdoor pen soon, just in time for the cornish cross chicks to arrive. The ducklings have already been moved outside and they are loving it.

The bigger ducks are being nice and everyone’s getting along, which is good. You just never know so we’re always prepared to deal with separating out the younger ones from the older ones with all of our critters.

As a nice little surprise, the mountain ash tree that we had to remove a couple of weeks ago because of the blight left us a baby in its place.

We found it when we went to plant the weeping willow we bought to replace the ash tree and decided to dig it up and transplant it to another part of the yard when it gets a bit bigger.

So that was a lovely little find and a sweet reminder that life goes on, sometimes when you least expect it.

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