The robin has abandoned the flowerbox nest she built, leaving two beautiful blue eggs behind as a reminder to me of how precarious life can be. The relentless attacks from the collared doves finally pushed her out, I’m afraid. She was just too exposed to keep them from noticing her. 😦

It also didn’t help that while we did our best to go about our lives and went out of our way to try not to bother her too much, she picked a very bad spot to build her nest to begin with.

It was just above the front door and although we were using the garage to go in and out and even put a note up under the NO SOLICITING sign to warn visitors and delivery drivers not to use the front door, there are those who shall remain nameless that consistently ignore all of my signage.

They also don’t take a hint very well that we’re not interested in giving up a tenth of our pre-tax wages to them.


The good news is she hasn’t completely given up and she hasn’t completely abandoned me, either. Every time I go outside, she is within sight and we are still good friends. We had a nice chat yesterday while she watched me weed from her favorite perch on the old plow and there’s no hard feelings, it seems.

Yesterday while we were planting the irises, I noticed her and her companion busily flitting in and out of the big maple tree with nest building materials so I’m pretty sure there will be baby robins before the month is over.

Whichever spot they’ve chosen is well camouflaged so fingers crossed they will be successful parents this time around.

I’m left wondering what to do with this beautiful failed nest now, though. I’m a bit surprised the doves haven’t carted the eggs off to be honest. Either way, I need to do something with it so I can finally get some flowers planted in these flower boxes as my window looks naked without them this year!

At least I was able to get some amazing pictures and fond memories of nature in action… 🙂

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