How Many Irises Do You Wish?

I mentioned that I want to be known as the purple flower lady and I even went so far as to buy one of every variety of purple flower at our local nursery.

The only thing they didn’t seem to have were irises which I’ve really been wanting but hadn’t gotten around to getting yet. Mostly because when I priced them out they seemed so high. Yes, I’m a bit of a cheapskate when it comes to things but it pays off.

Like today!

I found an ad in our local Craigslist that had irises for the low, low price of $.50 a bulb so I thought why not? Heck, at that price I could get a few and then some. Judging from the photos it looked like she had a few different colors, but I mostly wanted purple (of course!).

And boy, did I hit the jackpot!

The photos she posted didn’t do her iris beds justice at all. It was like visiting a botanical garden and there were rows and rows of big, beautiful irises.

And so many of them were different shades of purple!

I was literally in awe at the selection as well as the price. I ended up with about sixty or so for $20 because she was super sweet and kept throwing in extras for me as we went row by row and I selected the ones I wanted.

And honestly I wanted them all but I was thrilled to take home so many for so little money. I got two or three of every variation of purple she had as well as a few peaches, yellows and some deep burgundies.

I also got a few of these orange ones, too.

They all look so beautiful together and the colors compliment each other.

She told me if I’m lucky, some of mine will cross pollinate and make new shades, too.

The best part is, she will have daffodils and different lilies for sale this fall so she told me to keep her number in case I want some of those, or if I want to come back and get some more of these lovely irises.

Knowing how well they proliferate, I think we’re good with just these, though.

They’ll be going in the ground this evening when it cools off and I can help dig holes. We may have to make a couple of new beds to accommodate them all.

If we’re lucky, they’ll give us an abundance to pass on eventually!

2 thoughts on “How Many Irises Do You Wish?

  1. What a bargain. When I think how much I paid for my Irises this year I’m so jealous! And yours are so lovely into the bargain. Many of mine didn’t like the excessive rain we had followed by a sharp frost and then a few of the buds got eaten by something before they had a chance to bloom.

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