Setting a Precedent Here

“What are you doing with that wire?” I asked.

“I’m building you the potato tower you said you wanted,” he replied.

I had almost forgotten I’d even mentioned wanting a potato tower in the garden this year until the moment I saw him making it. We’d watched the video together weeks ago and both thought it was a pretty cool way to grow spuds.

With glee I watched as he constructed it, marveling at his handiness. First he used a barrel to shape the wire…

Then he moved it over by the corn and staked it into the ground. Next, he started layering it with a straw nest…

Followed by topsoil…

Then some compost and a layer of seed potatoes…

And then he started the whole process over again until he got to the top.

If all goes well, we’ll have something that looks like this soon…

I’m still hoping the potatoes I planted a week or so ago in the raised bed sprout, but if not then this should guarantee us a nice harvest.

Now that I know the hubs is listening when I say I want something in the garden, I’m going to make sure and show him a few other things like a stained glass sun room or a living willow gazebo or…


2 thoughts on “Setting a Precedent Here

    1. I keep thinking that we should get free potatoes since we live in Idaho. But then again our state is actually called the “Gem state” so maybe we should get free gems, instead?


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