Moving Right Along..

The first thing that greeted me as I stepped out the front door this morning to go check on everything was one of the robin’s eggs that had either been snatched and dropped or pushed out of her nest.

It was directly below the flowerbox, so I’m thinking it may have just been a bad egg and maybe the collared doves didn’t get one but I don’t know. She’s still sitting on the nest so there are at least one or two eggs left.

As I was bending over to pick it up, I noticed one of the mourning doves was perched up on the tipped over barrel of flowers just beneath the pine tree where their nest is. For a moment I thought it was either the male or female but then I realized it’s one of the babies who has left the nest already!

I knew they were growing quickly because I can see them from the front window and when I came back inside, sure enough the nest is empty and two juveniles were down on the rocks below the pine tree next to the barrel.

They’ll be taking off soon enough. Just like my garden!

The asparagus is already poking up through the dirt and the tomatoes are already forming on one of the plants.

The onions, carrots, pumpkins and sunflowers are doing really well. The nasturtium and morning glories have all sprouted.

I can’t wait to see the peas and beans fill out the new trellis. The beans haven’t sprouted yet but the peas are looking good so far.

My antique cart is getting a fresh coat of paint this week and maybe some new canvas if I can find the right one. I decided that since we are going to be keeping a rooster soon (which means we can hatch out and sell chicks), instead of an egg selling cart, I’m using it as a potting station.

It’s just too perfect for that purpose. I can move it wherever I want and it provides plenty of room to work and lots and lots of much needed shade.

Yesterday I used it to put together a kitchen herb container and to transplant some flowers.

I also moved a few of the willow cuttings from the rooting bucket into containers.

I’m trying to do that with everything we have now. Splitting new plants, taking cuttings and dividing up things as they get bigger seems to be a great way to expand with very little cost.

I read that even the suckers from the crabapple trees can grow new trees, so I took some off along with some cuttings from our other ornamental shrub and put them in the rooting bucket with my willows to see what happens.

While I’m waiting for my lavender seeds to sprout, I went ahead and bought some small plants to play around with in order to find the best way of growing it here in my climate.

I potted one in a terracotta container and will put the others in the ground in different areas of the yard as an experiment.

I did have one seed sprouting when I checked yesterday so there’s hope yet! 🙂

It was so tiny I almost missed it! I’m hoping the ones I bought will thrive so I can just take cuttings from them and fill the yard with lavender.

Now I’m just waiting for the hubs to come back from picking up supplies to finish the glass tile backsplash in the kitchen. I can’t wait to finally see it all done! We started our indoor remodeling three years ago but between him being injured and having shoulder surgery and then being laid off due to COVID, we had to put it off until recently.

Now we’re back at it and things are moving right along!

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