Surprise! Free Potatoes

We haven’t planted any potatoes yet but there are three healthy potato plants that have popped up in one of the new raised beds, much to our surprise. They must have been in the topsoil we bought from our local nursery, it’s the only explanation we can think of.

I mean, we DO live in the potato capital of the world.

Since they are there and are obviously thriving, we decided to go ahead and plant our seed potatoes along side them in that bed rather than in the burlap bags I was going to use.

Speaking of potatoes, I found this video on how to plant potatoes the traditional Irish way.

It’s a wee bit more complicated than how we do it here in Idaho. 🙂

We finally got our pumpkin plants in and they seem to be holding up well…

…and our peas are sprouting in the new trellis troughs.

And the corn has been sowed.

Just in time for more rain!

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