The Curse Of The Fire Blight

Our beautiful mountain ash tree has been cursed with the dreaded fire blight this year. I am so sad for it, and for us, because it was one of my favorite ornamental trees and we’d raised it since it was a little thing. Every year it was getting bigger and prettier with it’s gorgeous orange berries and fern like leaves.

It wasn’t a case that could be solved by pruning, either, so we had no choice but to pull the entire tree out and get rid of it before it infects other trees on the property, like our crabapples and apple tree.

Not only that, but our neighbors across the street there also have a mountain ash tree in their front yard and we are afraid that the wind might carry the blight over to them, too.

So as soon as we could, out it came.

And off it went, on to the burn pile.

So now there’s a hole in our hearts for our lost mountain ash and an even bigger hole in our yard where it used to be.

We’ll probably hit up the nursery today to see about finding a replacement tree. Preferably one that isn’t susceptible to the fire blight!

2 thoughts on “The Curse Of The Fire Blight

  1. I feel for you. Years ago we had a beautiful oak tree in our front yard that got oak root fungus. We finally had to remove it and it left our small yard looking naked. We now have several mature birch trees, but I still miss the oak. Karen


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