I Have Another Mother!

I’m still getting used to the fact that I can’t snap open the blinds in the bay window to let the morning sun in to help wake me up and brighten my morning anymore. At least not for awhile.

Now that the momma robin has settled into her flowerbox nest on the left side window I am being extra careful not to do disturb her. I even moved the chair out of the way so the pups can’t get up there and peek under the blind to watch dad go to and from work, as they like to do. Now they just take turns doing that with the remaining chair on the right side, where she can’t see them at all (and vice versa!).

I still open the other two blinds (carefully) to let the plants drink in some sunshine and so I can watch the trees fill in and the tulips bloom out front. We have such looooong winters that I relish every minute of greenery the spring and summer has to offer!

This morning me and Draco were watching the world go by when I noticed something in the pine tree just to the right of the big window. Something looked… different?

Something about one of the branches caught my eye so I grabbed my good camera with the good zoom and took a better look.

Sure enough, there she was.

Another mother tucked down into her nest, right there, hidden in plain view! She is only five or six feet from the window, all nestled in and cozy as can be.

I wondered why the robin hadn’t built her nest in the pine tree, and now I know. The momma dove had already called dibs on it and I hadn’t even noticed!

She is perfectly camouflaged there next to the tree trunk; so much so that Draco didn’t even notice her at all (and vice versa!). I’m not sure how I spotted her, to be honest!

Gosh, I’m so happy to have two nesting mommas within a few feet of me. It’s starting to feel like I’m in a wildlife preserve or zoo here. And what a nice distraction they are from all the craziness in the world right now. 🙂

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