Treading Lightly Here

Our resident robin is still building her nest in the flower box outside the upstairs window, which is awesome but it means as we go in and out of the door, or the garage, or basically go anywhere near the front area of the house (which is where the faucet for watering my garden area is) we not only interrupt and scare her…

…but we’re also annoying her mate who is never far off. He is usually perched in the pine tree next to the window, dutifully watching her build the nest (and probably obsessively mansplaining on how to do it properly hehe).

It doesn’t help that I’ve become a bit obsessed at this whole process myself and keep waiting for opportunity to get good pictures of this little birdie and her nest. This morning I popped open the window and snapped this one really quick when she flew off to get more supplies.

But she came right back and yelled at me so I ducked back in and closed the blind lol. I really need to stop doing this before I go too far and scare her off for good, though!

I haven’t even weeded the flowerbed under the window there for fear of bothering her to the point of no return (literally).

We can’t entirely avoid the area and try to be calm and unintrusive when we’re turning the faucet on and off but we may need to start using the back door and move the hoses around to better accommodate her if we want her to stay.

I wonder if it’s the same robin who built a nest in the pine tree last year.

They were on a lower branch that we could see pretty easily and it was fun to watch them grow.

That nest was blown down by a windstorm later in the fall so it could be her, building a new nest.

Or it could even be one of the babies from that clutch, who knows!

Either way, I’m treading lightly so as to not annoy her upstairs here because I’d really love to see her lay eggs and raise her babies where she’s at. She obviously likes my flower box.

I think I’ll set up a webcam today to watch her so I don’t keep opening the blinds and scaring her. šŸ™‚

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