Feathered Friends

To my delight, I opened the blinds this morning and startled a robin who has decided to build her nest in one of the empty upper bay window flower boxes. We haven’t bought the coconut liners to put in them yet because of the wind, and now I’m so glad we waited!

I was afraid I had scared her off for good, but she’s been back a few times and even brought some lovely fake purple flowers to use for it.

I had put them in with a few other items into a nesting materials basket that I hung down by the emerging day lilies, which live next to the little pond and just under the window she’s chosen.

I’m still waiting for my grapevine balls to arrive that I’ll also fill with nesting material like twine, paper and husky fur (since I have loads of it!). Until then, I will just refill the basket as it’s depleted.

I waited for her to come back so I could get a good picture of her, but she’s on to me now and only seems to pop back in when I’m away (smart girl!). I did position myself down by the front door for awhile in hopes of getting some stealth photos of her building her nest, but no luck.

I did get some great shots of the resident house sparrows taking baths in the pond, though.

We had to turn it off because of the wind, otherwise it blows the stream of water just far enough out that it drains the pond in no time. Then the hubby decided that he’s going to change the pump out before we start it up again. The birds love it either way and use it daily as a bird bath.

They are just so dang cute!

A huge flock of them lives in the big bush just outside the front window and they are my cheery. chirpy companions all year long.

We also have resident doves that live across the street in the row of pine trees the neighbors planted and they serenade me with their coos off and on all day as well.

I’m anxious to get the pond back up and running again because with the window open the combination of the running water and the birds singing is sooo relaxing! Of course if that robin continues to build her nest under the window, I may have to refrain from opening it to keep from scaring her away from it.

Hopefully she’ll get used to me and we can live in harmony the way this guy did with the baby owls who hatched just outside his window.

How cool would that be?!!

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