Let’s Get Away! Camping & Boating At Palisades

There was a time when we were young and adventurous and loved to sleep rough under the stars. Those days are well behind us now and we prefer the comfort of our RV and the cabin of our boat, both of which give us shelter from things like grizzly bears and creature comforts like hot coffee in the morning (with little effort).

They both also offer the most spectacular views of our favorite place to camp and fish and boat; Palisades reservoir.

It’s not far, just an hour from our place.

The pups love to go swimming there.

Sometimes it’s hard to find a spot if you want to stay at the actual campgrounds, which we liked to do when the kids were little, but nowadays we prefer to make our own camp spots.

There’s lots of opportunity to watch the wildlife and we often see heron, osprey and plenty of pelicans who are always happy to offer fishing tips.

Just looking at all the pictures I’ve taken up there makes me anxious to go back again. It’s time to start working on getting the camper and boat ready to go because summer will be here before we know it!

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