Never Let A Good Sprout Go To Waste

I wanted to do a little experimenting with growing onions from onions this year so rather than storing them properly, I decided to see what would happen if I encouraged a few to sprout by putting them in baskets in the windowsill.

Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed!

One has already begun to sprout and was beginning to show signs of rot so I decided to get it started rooting right away while I let the others do their thing. I found a helpful how-to that I followed.

If you notice a green sprout emerging from the top of an onion, it means it’s trying to regrow. By separating the sprouts inside an onion’s layers and planting them in good soil you can grow multiple new onions within a single season.

Mine only had one when I peeled it down. According to the experts, given enough time, most onions will grow several sprouts, but I’m happy with just one for now.

I’m pretty sure the other onions will sprout in a few days, and hopefully they will have several sprouts since each sprout equals one onion but this little guy is ahead of the class for now.

Since onions are toxic to dogs and somewhat toxic to ducks and chickens (plus we don’t want onion flavored eggs!), the parts I couldn’t salvage for cooking due to the rot starting in one area will go in the compost pile.

Hopefully, if all goes well, we’ll have a nice little onion harvest later this summer!

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