Feeling A Little Blum

No, it’s not a typo. Although, after doing a bit of research on one of my favorite artists, Cheri Blum, I am a bit glum now. I had no idea that she passed away back in 2003 at just 34 years old.

My goodness. That’s no age at all!

I have a few of her pieces around the house because her style perfectly matches my love of flowers and of all things romantic and nostalgic but I was reminded of her specifically the other day as I was doing my German lessons and the theme was “im garten”, meaning “in the garden”. The word for flower in Deutsch is Blume, which made me think to myself, hmm, where do I know this word??

It hit me when I went down the hallway later that day and passed one of her works. Oh, yes, of course! Cheri Blum! How fitting a name for an artist famous for painting beautiful flowers, I thought.

Anyway, that connection made me curious about her so I looked her up to learn more about her, which is when I read she had left us quite a few years back. I was pretty sad so I immediately bought a new framed art work of hers. It arrived yesterday just in time to cheer me up during the wind storm.

I’m not sure where I’ll end up hanging it yet, but for now it’s keeping me company here in the living room while I wait impatiently for my own flowers to blum. I mean bloom.

RIP Cheri Blum. xo

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