I Get Knocked Down…

We have a high wind warning in effect today, which isn’t unusual for SE Idaho. We call it the “semi annual neighborhood lawn furniture exchange” here because invariably someone new to the area won’t have learned that you can’t keep lawn furniture (or trampolines) secured during these hellacious wind storms.

You’re lucky if you can keep your roof shingles, trees and outbuildings from blowing away!

Today marks the kick off of our wind season here which lasts pretty much all summer long. It makes working in the yard SO MUCH FUN!!

Non-stop wind should dissuade outsiders from moving in on us but since we don’t do a good enough job of advertising this particular downside of living in Idaho to the California crowd, they just keep on coming.

And they, too, learn to live with it. Or they pack up the remains of their tattered lawn furniture and twisted trampolines and move to Texas, where they originally wanted to be anyway.

I mean, it takes a strong person to endure this year after year after year. But I guess surviving tropical storm level winds on the daily is nothing when you consider the fact that we are sitting on top of a super volcano which could blow at any minute. Heh.

I better go before the wind knocks the power out.

Again. 🙂

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