The Cure For Cabin Fever

We are three days into spring yet we are still waking up to fresh snowfall here in the valley. It’s always melted by afternoon but it’s really starting to give me cabin fever now.

There’s really not much I can do to alleviate that suffocating feeling of not being able to get out into the yard to work. I can’t drive anymore so I am at the mercy of friends and family to take me out. Luckily the roads are mostly clear and we just put new tires on Gunther so my hubby is more than happy to take me for short drives so we can test them out.

Yesterday we drove up by Heise hot springs, one of our favorite places we used to take the kids. We love to drive up there in the evenings because there are always lots of deer out, and we weren’t disappointed.

They were everywhere!

We must have counted at least three dozen.

We also drove past the lovely campground we’ve stayed at too many times to count. It’s the one with the big red barn they rent out for events. The sun was just setting and it made for a beautiful shot.

It’s hard not to choke up a bit because I get all nostalgic for days past, especially when I’m reminded that there are things I’ll probably never get to do again (like driving Gunther and soaking in the hot spring water).

Still, I’m just glad I have good memories to look back on and I’m glad that I have a husband who understands that if I don’t get out of the house to make new ones sometimes, I’ll go absolutely mad. 🙂

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