Teton Sunrise

I was researching the history of the Grand Tetons the other day and came across this article in Wyoming Magazine that had a fairly detailed and quite comical explanation of how these majestic mountains got their name:

While the Shoshone people who are believed to have lived in and around the range for as long as 10,000 years called the range “Teewinot,” which translates to “many pinnacles,” it’s believed by some that the voyagers native to France who stumbled upon our now ski-tropolis saw something else when they discovered the range. “Les trois tétons” became the name for the mountains, and, it stuck.

Some people argue that the Grand Tetons were named for the Teton Sioux Native Americans who lived in the area, and that’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for how they got their name, however, it’s not the funniest. What everyone may not realize is that “les trois tétons” translates from French to “the three teats” which leads us to the other possible story for how the Tetons got their name. The story goes like this: A group of French explorers came across the mountain range one day while trudging across the frozen tundra of western Wyoming.

Naturally, they were experiencing quite the opposite of what life in France would have been like for them at the time and found themselves suffering a great deal in their efforts to explore the new world for previously untapped resources, possibilities, and opportunities. As they lurched across the wilderness day after day, covered in heavy furs and carrying heavy sacks full of provisions, with no place to lay their heads at night except the cold hard ground and no shelter except for their tents, they no doubt were thinking about the various comforts that they used to enjoy back home.

Ah, yes, I am sure they did miss those lusty, three-breasted French women back home lol.

I have taken so many pictures of the Tetons at this point that you’d think I’d be sick of them the same way men get sick of boobs. Yeah, right! Here are a few shots I took one morning as we drove up toward them at the break of dawn:

I love how the sky changed color and it happened so quickly! Within about 20 minutes the sun had risen completely and we were left with just memories of yet another gorgeous Teton sunrise.

Well, memories and these pictures, that is. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Teton Sunrise

  1. Wow! Those pictures are gorgeous! My husband and I visited the Tetons and Yellowstone for the first time last year and we were completely enchanted – to the point that we are still considering packing up our farm and moving out there if we can find a decently priced home with a little bit of land for goats and horses. We have already planned another trip out there for this coming September and we cannot wait! Totally jealous that they are in your back yard.

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