Let’s Get Away! McCall, Idaho

We are blessed to not only live with Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons as our “backyard”, but we also live within a few hours’ drive in every direction to world class destinations.

People from all over the planet pay a lot of money and travel long distances to visit the national parks and also nearby places like Jackson, Wyoming to the east, Sun Valley, Idaho to the west, Bozeman, Montana to the north and Park City, Utah to the south.

So naturally, we love to take road trips in our little sports car we’ve affectionately named “Gunther”.

Of course we like to take advantage of the off-season specials and enjoy these 4 and 5 star hotels at 3 star prices. Sometimes even less, if we time it right. 🙂

One of our favorites is the Shore Lodge in McCall, Idaho.

It is absolutely beautiful, inside and out.

The Shore Lodge sits on the shores of Payette Lake and has the most amazing views at sunset and sunrise. Especially if your room faces the lake, then you awake to this:

The food is amazing, too. At least that’s what I’m told. I can’t eat much when we’re out and about and have to bring my “safe” foods but sometimes I double up on my meds so I can enjoy a few bites.

For us it is great to go early or late in the season so that we have the whole place to ourselves. Or at least it feels that way!

Sure, it’s a bit chilly in the morning and rather cold in the evening, but we don’t mind. We are dog sledders, after all! Plus, I am “allergic” to the heat anyway and do much better in cooler temperatures.

Speaking of sledding, the hotel has these great photos on the wall as you make your way to your room and one of them is of a dog sled team from long ago.

McCall, Idaho is also home to the Idaho Dog Sled Challenge, a premiere, 300 mile Iditarod qualifier.

Knowing this makes us feel more at home and makes it easier to leave our own pack behind for a few days so we can enjoy these little “staycations”.

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