All Alone

I’ve been organizing and sorting through the thousands of photos I have stored on various devices, and I realized that if you were to judge my life just by these images alone you would assume that I am mostly, well, all alone!

I have a few pictures of myself and a lot of my family, and more than a few of the pups (understatement hehe) but overall, I guess I have a knack for taking photos where there are no people whatsoever.

You would think that I live in absolute solitude here next to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone park which is just not the case at all. Millions of people come through my “backyard” each year but I rarely seem to capture any of them with my camera.

Sometimes I will get a good one of a stranger fishing the Snake River or the reservoir…

Or one of a random shopper in downtown Jackson Hole…

Once I even found evidence of kind strangers who had painted rocks with little inspirational words on them and left them along the path for other strangers like me to find in the forest…

I imagined they were lovely people inside and out to do such a thing, but again, outside of these cute painted rocks they left I have no photographical evidence that they were there. Or that they were human! (cue spooky music)

Honestly? These are some of my favorite photos. Strangers that share my world and even leave little inspirational messages for me that help me feel so not alone.

It’s a bit like blogging, right? 🙂

3 thoughts on “All Alone

  1. maristravels

    Your images don’t need humans in them, they are so gorgeous in themselves. your opening shot for instance, is a real stunner, and if I had one like that i’d settle back and do no more! End of …

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    1. It’s like living in a picture postcard in every direction here. I don’t even have to really try, the photos just come out lovely because of where we are. Which is good as I am definitely not the best photographer lol. xo

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