At Least There is Hope

The snow is officially melting and warmer weather is on its way, which means two things. One, the pups will be able to dig in the dirt again (their second favorite past time) and two, they will all be blowing their coats soon. Yay! If only there was a market for used husky fur, I’d be rich.

I have actually considered using the mountains of excess fur they shed each year to stuff my heirloom teddy bears, but I do my best to keep the craft room as free of dog hair as humanly possible. It is a “no husky zone” and I need to keep it that way.

The rest of the house isn’t, despite my strict “no dogs in the kitchen!” rule:


It’s not as easy to keep them out of the kitchen as it is the craft room since the latter has a door I can close. Not that they haven’t tried opening it. Believe me, they are VERY clever and conniving pups! Especially when they think I am secretly making stuffed dog toys (and then not sharing them) behind the door.

Speaking of heirloom teddy bears, Freddy now has a new friend I’ve named Fannie. They will be helping me put together this cute little teddy bear pincushion I ordered last year and almost forgot about:

Sadly, I was too late in ordering the cute little Easter bunny I wanted to make this year but that’s okay. I still have a couple of other kits I can work on that I have been saving, including this one:

So while there won’t be a “B-bop” for Easter, there is “Hope”, after all!

6 thoughts on “At Least There is Hope

  1. maristravels

    “Blowing their coats” is not an expression I’ve heard before. I’ve only ever heard of dogs ‘shedding their coats’. Is this used only for huskies, or is it, perhaps, an expression used in your country as we use ‘shedding’.
    Great picture of the puppies looking out the window. I’d love to see them in person.


    1. Regular dogs shed, and huskies do, too, throughout the year but they also literally “blow” their under coats once or twice a year on top of the normal shedding. If you google images of “husky blowing its coat” you’ll see what I mean lol. I wait for a good windy day to brush them out when it’s happening and that helps. πŸ™‚


  2. claire93

    lol I just googled, and yikes, when they “blow’ they really do!!!!!
    We’ve got a Flat-coated retriever who needs a good brush at this time of year to help get rid of his winter coat, but it doesn’t just come in handfuls like with huskies!

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      1. claire93

        I don’t see any reason why you couldn’,t you know!
        My husband’s godmother had a couple of St Bernards. She used to save their fur, spin and knit sweaters although I suspect they were only toddler sized sweaters, unless she just spun the dog hair in with other yarn.

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