A Day in the Life… The Daily Gathering

I’m one of those people who looks forward to winter and wakes up hoping to look out the window to find more snowflakes have gathered overnight.

Of course I’m not the one who clears the driveway (that’s hubby’s job) but it is up to me to go out to feed the birds and gather the eggs. He doesn’t mind this arrangement, though. In exchange he gets an omelette or two when he’s done.

Sometimes he even plows a path for me out to the coop but sometimes there isn’t time and I have to gather up my courage to make my way out there on my own.

The girls are always gathered together, waiting patiently and clucking loudly to signal they are so happy to see me. I feel the same about them. They are just so cute!

We also raise Muscovy ducks and pheasant and they are just lovely (and tasty!), too. They tend to gather together with the chickens when it’s feeding time.

Usually the pheasant run as far away as possible when they see me coming, though.

Every day I gather enough eggs that there are plenty to go around. Some for us and some for the pups.

The dog yard is close by so the pups gather together in anticipation, yipping and barking and awroooo-ing at me. And trying to convince me who the cutest one that gets first dibbs is.

They get to eat theirs raw, shells and all. If they had their way, they would be more than happy if we let them go gather the eggs themselves. 🙂

4 thoughts on “A Day in the Life… The Daily Gathering

  1. maristravels

    A delightful picture you paint of your life with your chicks and your dogs and I can see you so clearly in my mind as you negotiate the snowy paths to their dens. Although I’d love to have the dogs and chickens, I would hate your weather. A few days are OK with me but nothing more. Snow does make for lovely pictures though!

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  2. Oh I couldn’t agree with you more! Winter all the way! I am so tired of the heat here, which is normally at its worst this time of year. And I adore chickens. I used to have some – first only 10, but I had up to about 45. I’ve been thinking of getting myself a few for the garden. 🙂

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