Putting the Pup Before the Cart

Last spring we acquired this adorable little vintage cart which we had planned to fix up and use as a roadside farmer’s market cart to sell our extra eggs and garden goodies to friends and neighbors:

It needed quite a bit of TLC but we had hoped to have it done by fall, in time to park it out by the road for the harvest season. We modified it a bit and played around with using the little mini fridge from the garage and added a secure money box so it could be self service.

It was really coming along! We talked about what color we’d paint it (and debated painting it at all) and even pulled the top off to measure for new canvas.

Of course then the pandemic threw our lives for a loop and hubby’s job vanished pretty much overnight, so we had to put off not only working on the cart but also on fixing up our house which we were in the middle of remodeling, too.


So now the cart is sitting out in the snow, wondering why we don’t love it anymore and I am left with (among other things) a half finished bathroom and kitchen that will just have to wait while we focus on putting our lives back together again.

At least we got the molding on the cabinets done and got them painted….

I asked the hubby when he thinks we’ll be able to tackle the rest now that he’s working again and he reminded me that it’s not just the cost of supplies, but the cost of replacement tools we have to factor in.

“Replacement tools?” I asked, forgetting all about little miss Sassy and her voracious appetite for hubby’s tools he’d left laying in the grass while we were working on the cart.


I also remembered I snapped a picture of the damage because, well… Oh, the irony.

She’s mostly outgrown chewing on things that aren’t hers now and I think he learned his lesson about putting his tools away.



6 thoughts on “Putting the Pup Before the Cart

  1. maristravels

    You seem remarkably stoic about the hardships that Covid has brought upon your household and I congratulate you on that. There’s no point in sitting down and being miserable anyway, is there? On the plus side, you do seem to have found an idyllic way of living and with those gorgeous dogs around (who must keep your finances at a low ebb!) who could not help but look on the good side.


  2. Love the cart. Put the top back on and use as is for this season. Once your sales get going, you can “improve” it if you want. Here, I’d be afraid someone would steal it during the night!


    1. I think that’s exactly what we’ll do. I don’t even know if I want to paint it yet, I’m torn on keeping it as is or updating it. It’s over 100 years old! Also, I am putting a hidden camera in the tree next to where we park it at the edge of the property just in case. I mean, where we live is relatively crime free but I’m not taking any chances. πŸ™‚


  3. The cart is going to be so adorable. πŸ™‚ I wonder if anybody’s lives were untouched by this pandemic? You are handling it well, I tend to get rebellious and upset… I know it won’t change anything, but there you go.


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